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Chakra Awakening

Seek. Receive. Understand.

This chakra class will start with the foundation of the human energy system and its relationship with universal life force energy.  Energy centers, CHAKRAS, will be discussed from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective, including its direct relationship with the Endocrine system. We will decode each chakra, identify their location, the demons that lurk. Learn their positive and negative attributes and how they show up in your body and behaviors. Access various ancient healing techniques through the element its related to, crystals, affirmations, herbs, sound, archetypes, goddesses, and much more. Experiential exercises to connect, release, and activate each of the chakras through sound, meditations, elements, crystals and more. This is a fun class, best to arrange with a partner! 

6.5 Hours/ $160

Image by Sharon Pittaway
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