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Shamanic Healing Session

Open. Release. Love.

Peruvian based healing that is in connection with the land spirits and sky spirits; through the portal of the sacred healing bundle (“Mesa”).  Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known to man. You, the client, take an active part in your own healing during a shamanic healing session. With your help, your story, I guide you through a shamanic journey to retrieve information associated to what you came for to be healed.  Shamanic healings address unresolved life-issues, negative feelings, traumas, ancestral ties, and the many things that has your mind, body, & spirit restrained.  Experiences include chakra & meridian clearing, release of blockages, repair of tears, soul retrievals and other energetic methods to release the imprints in your life force energy field. Sessions remove “hucha” or heavy energy in the body & mind; locate, and restore “sami” or light energy, assisting to return you to your original spirit. Feel free to ask for more information.

Ninety-120 minutes/$110.

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