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Reiki I & II Classes

Expand. Grow. Love.

Reiki I.  Level I allows you to do a self-treatment and to perform on others. Learn about the origins of Reiki, chakra’s and endocrine system related to each chakra, research behind Reiki, and receive the first degree attunement to perform first level Reiki.  Practice sessions included. Class sizes are 1-3 people.  Approximately 6 hours/$165. Includes lunch.


Reiki II.  Level II expands your knowledge and techniques used in Reiki.  Learn symbols and other techniques expanding your intuition into scanning and opening up the mind to the invisible world of spirit. Learn the symbols and their meaning and use, learn distant Reiki healing, receive the second degree attunement, practice sessions for both Reiki and intuition development. Class sizes are 1-3 people. Approximately 6 hours/$165. Includes lunch.

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